August 16, 2008

The Big Nose

The other day I took the kids to the library. After Henry picked out about 5 random books on topics ranging from dinosaurs to rotten teeth we headed up to the check out line. We weren't standing there for more than 5 seconds before Henry thought out loud (very loud), "That man has a really big nose." He didn't point, but he might as well have been pointing. The man was walking from one end of the circulation desk to the other and Henry's eyes were as big as half dollars as his head tracked him the entire way. As I went to smack Henry to shut him up, I glanced up to try and figure out who he was talking about. It wasn't very hard to zero in on him. That guy DID have a big nose. I dare say it was the biggest nose I have ever seen. I found it hard not to stare-- even harder not to sneak a pic with my phone!

Thankfully "Big Nose" wasn't the librarian who checked our books out for us but I was still a little anxious. Our female librarian had a pretty impressive mustache and I was hoping Henry wouldn't notice or care. We made it out without any additional emarrassments and Henry and I had a nice talk about thinking out loud on our way to the car.


MaryBeth said...

Keep talking to him about thinking out loud. I'll be there in four months and I don't wanna hear about how big my ace is.

Emma said...

funny - I need a little tutoring on how to arange my blog. it is very plain and I don't have time to figure it out. will you pencil me in when I come in Dec?