October 17, 2008

"Everything Happens For a Reason"

I thought of an experience the other day and I'm not sure that I have it recorded anywhere, so here it goes...

I always felt like we were lead to Children's Hospital for Maren's care. I always felt like the people who helped Maren-- the surgeons, the doctors, the nurses, the social workers, etc.-- were placed to work there at this specific time to help our family, specifically our daughter.

I'll briefly share one experience to exemplify this: I was chatting with one of Maren's nurses in the CICU one day. Randy and I affectionately call her "Chest Compression Amy," and you'll learn why. I asked Amy how she ended up working as a CICU nurse. Amy reflected back for a while on her career track and admitted that she originally set out a different course for herself. But because of a series of events in her life, she came here to Children's. Amy said, "I don't know. Everything happens for a reason, I guess."

As soon as those words came out of her mouth, I vividly pictured a memory that is forever burned in my mind. Maren had just come from having her chest closed in the OR. Everything was seemingly well. But out of no where Maren coded. Her heart stopped. Randy and I stood in shock as we felt the mood in the room change. Amy stepped in within seconds and began chest compressions. I will be forever grateful for Amy's decision to work at Children's. I truly believe that she was one of many who was lead there to answer the countless prayers that were offered on Maren's behalf.

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MaryBeth said...

I love this one Sarah. Everything does happen for a reason. I am so grateful for events that have happened to me and have shaped who I am. Hopefully as a result I can help others...probably not by doing chest compressions, but you know what I mean ;)