April 4, 2009

Close Call

I can't remember what it was, but Henry walked into the kitchen while I was making something and asked if he could have a taste. I said sure. He was a little nervous about tasting it and asked what it was. Messing with him, I told him it was diarrhea. He looked at me, a little grossed out and asked, "Really?" To which I replied, "Really. It's really good." He ate it.

It reminded me of something that happened a while ago-- Henry was three old and just really getting the #2 potty training thing down. He had just announced to the world that he had to poop. He ran to the bathroom and a minute later called me back to show off his good work. Wanting to praise him for a job well done, and actually being quite impressed, I said,
"That's good, Henry!"
"Really?" Henry asked.
"Yeah. It's really good!" I said and then turned around to fix my hair in the mirror. I looked back after a couple of seconds and saw Henry slowly moving his doo-doo-tipped finger to his mouth. Absolutely horrified I yelled, "HENRY!" His finger was about an inch from its target. "Don't eat your poop! That's nasty!" I yelled loud enough to scare him and he started to cry.

I realized that when I told him that his poop was "really good," he understood it in the edible sense of the word. Some things do not need to be learned by experience.


Maren Hansen said...

ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. that is so awesome. ash used to have this fetish for grabbing her poo in the tub and squeezing. i put a quick stop to that. it was too gross to see it squish between her fingers... ;)

MaryBeth said...

Really? That's just nasty.

Sandy said...

Hahahaahahaaa! I'll have to remember that one since Jaclyn seems to put EVERYTHING in her mouth!

The Schoonies said...

nice trick! you have a brave boy. if i joked like that with my friends that would not even think of touching dinner that night!