August 1, 2009

Ballerina Boy

Although we hear about Gianna just about every day, Henry hadn't seen his first love since the last day of preschool... until this past week.

On the way to the fountain to see Gianna, along with other kids from Henry's old preschool class, Henry was a little nervous and VERY excited. He wouldn't shut up. Here are a just few things we talked about:

HENRY: "Mom, what is she going to look like?"
ME: "I'm guessing she'll look like Gianna."

ME: "Why do you like Gianna so much?"
HENRY: "She's just so beautiful! And she hugs me."

HENRY: "I can't wait to catch up on her!"
ME: "You can't wait to catch up with her?"
HENRY: "Yeah, that's what I said; catch up on her."
ME: "Okay."

Again, (referring to a few posts back) I just think that it's weird that he's 5, almost 6, and SO into this girl. Anyway, Gianna shows up and runs to Henry and gives him a hug. Henry looked like he was going to die-- in a good way. I'm left there, sitting on the step, and worrying to myself, "Oh my gosh! What am I going to do when he's a teenager?"

Just then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a boy (probably about 10 or 11 years old) in black tights and a white shirt pirouetting and twirling across the street with his mom a few paces behind. They were obviously coming from the ballet school just a few buildings down. I tried not to stare, but WTF?

I had my answer. All I have to say is, thank you Ballerina Boy for helping me put things into perspective.


Sandy said...

Laughing so hard. Had to read it out loud to Josh. Thanks for the giggle!

MaryBeth said...

Whatever Sarah. Your kid wants to be a cheerleader, remember?

Emma said...

that was too funny. i read it out loud to tim as well. and yeah - whatever happened to that cheerleader dream anyway

The Schoonies said...

Oh, thanks for the good laugh! We have to meet Henry someday. He is a hoot!

Maren Hansen said...

ha ha, that is awesome. what is Henry going to do when there is no Giana in school this year for him??? what's funny is how much Brynn loves Giana too. she's just a sweet little girl.