August 18, 2009

Maren Likes to Eat

Who would have thought that Maren-- the baby who gagged at the site of most foods when she first came home-- LOVES her food? Seriously, this girl can EAT! Another thing-- (this doesn't have anything to do with food but...) Maren pulled herself to a stand earlier tonight! I couldn't believe it. Yay Maren!

Raiding the snack cupboard.


She won't eat it if I cut if off the cob.

Chilli. Yes, the aftermath diapers were unpleasant for both her and me.

Little bit of sugar to wash down those jalapenos!

Maren likey.


That's right. Steak.


Mandi said...

Those pics of Maren look exactly like you! I can't believe how much she resembles you. Does everyone say that?

Emma said...

i cannot believe how big she's getting! and the "whoa" picture, whoa is right

MaryBeth said...

That's what Rick looks like when he eats spaghetti.

Sandy said...

My goodness! Way to go Maren!!! You need to give Jaclyn some lessons. Jaclyn eats well but her variety needs to improve.

My Name's Sarah said...

Mandi, I guess it depends on the day. Some people say she looks just like me and others say she looks like Randy.

The Schoonies said...

so awesome that she is such a good eater!

Chest Compression Amy said...

I think it is GREAT that Maren loves her food:) Now she just needs to work on the "wearing part!" I also think it is SWEET that she pulled herself up. Go Maren!

*~Petra~* said...

My kind of girl!!! Love the "Whoa" pic, and I wish I was allowed to eat spaghetti like that! :)