October 8, 2009

Man Teeth

Henry lost his first tooth about a month or so ago. At his last dentist visit the hygienist told him that his "man teeth" were getting ready to come so his baby teeth would fall out soon.

Henry strutted around the house for a few weeks talking about his "man teeth" until that stupid baby tooth started to wiggle. For a week all we heard from Henry was, (cry, cry, cry) "My mouth hurts!" (cry, cry, cry) "I can't eat my hamburger!" (cry, cry, cry) "Is it going to bleed?!"

Randy and I begged him to let us pluck that think out of his head, but every time we offered, he cried even more. Ugh.

Then, one morning we were outside. Maren, Maren's physical therapist and me were working with Maren when Henry walks up and asks, "Mom, can you hold this?"

I looked up, held out my hand and Henry put his tiny tooth in it. Maren's therapist yelled out, "What is that?!"

I asked, "Henry, is that your tooth?"

Henry casually said, "Yeah. I just pulled it out," as he walked away-- back to whatever he was doing.

Talk about anticlimactic!

The next morning was almost as painful as the the preceding week. Henry woke up and came in to show Randy and I the dollar the Tooth Fairy had left him. He was excited, but confused. "Why did she give me a dollar?"

"It was for your tooth," I told him.

"Why does she want my tooth?" He asked.

"She just likes to collect teeth, I guess."

"Well, what is she going to do with all the teeth?"

Jeese Louise, Henry! A person can only make up so many lies in one conversation. Why do you even care? Just take your dollar and run!


The Schoonies said...

Luc will be so jealous when she hears this story. She was to lose a tooth so badly. I seriously love your stories.

Maren Hansen said...

Ha, ha, ha, I love the term "Man Teeth"...

Emma said...

my favorite tooth story is the one where the girl puts a little piece of paper under her pillow instead of a tooth to trick the tooth fairy because she wants to keep her tooth. in the morning she wakes up and she finds, not money but a ticket. take that sucka.