December 2, 2009

My Rant

"Tired" is not a good look. You wouldn't walk up to someone and tell them they look fat or ugly. So why do people feel it's okay to walk up and tell someone they look tired? Even if it's true-- you're tired-- what good does it do to point it out? Is the person who brought it up going to whip out a bed and tuck you in so you can catch up on your sleep? No! The only thing it does is make you aware of the fact that you apparently look like crap.

On the flip side, if someone's tag is sticking out of their shirt and you tell them as you fix it-- that's okay. Or, if someone has a booger and you offer a tissue-- fine. If you can fix it-- bring it up. If you can't-- keep your mouth shut.

The other day Maren and I were picking up a few things at Trader Joes. It was pretty cold outside and unfortunately, with the colder weather setting it, Maren's color changes a little-- sometimes a lot. So we're at the checkout and the hippie checker yells out (referring to Maren,) "Wow! You've either been crying really hard (thanks clogged tear duct) or... you're not breathing." Then she turns to me and says, "Is she breathing?"

I thought, "No. My baby is struggling to breath and on the way to the ER I thought I'd stop in to buy some snackies to keep me busy at the hospital. She's not THAT blue! And she's eating and smiling. Uh, yeah-- I'm pretty sure she's breathing." But I just said, "She's a heart baby," and the issue was dropped.

For the next hour or so I tried to decide whether I was offended by this random lady who felt it necessary to bring my attention to the fact that my baby was a little blue OR if I was upset with the reality that was thrown in my face that I sometimes forget-- my kid is blue because she has half a heart.

I concluded it was a little of both, but I got over it quickly. I'm sure it won't be the last time someone makes a stupid comment about Maren. And, Maren may have half-a-heart, but she's very cute and doing awesome! (Screw you, hippie chick from TJ's!)


Emily said...

Oh Sarah. I love reading your blog.... you always have the ability to put into words the same feelings that I've had - stupid strangers commenting on my children make me angry. Thanks for helping me know I'm not alone. :)

Mandi said...

SCREW YOU HIPPIE FROM TJ's! Haha. I'm sorry but as soon as you said Trader Joe's I had "hippie" in my mind. I really did. Also, can I rant about dumb people who leave really mysterious status updates on Facebook? Things like "I can't say anything more right now but I'm really scared. Please pray for me." What is that??

Josh, Sandy, Jaclyn, and Kinsey said...

AMEN!!!!! Isn't it amazing the stupid things people can say?! After our first podiatry appointment we had to have x-rays of her feet. Jaclyn was scooting around the floor in the waiting area and a woman sat down next to me and asked me if her leg was broken. Yep, my child who is laughing and happily moving on the floor has a broken bone in her leg. Are you kidding me?! I debate sometimes with just agreeing with them or letting them know what is really going on with Jaclyn. Gotta love it! :)

MaryBeth said...

I hate hippies.

We were at WalMart the other day and some check out lady said to Aren, "I hope nobody makes fun of you because of all that gray hair and your splotchy skin." Bitch.

Maren Hansen said...

Ha, ha, ha. Love the comments about my kids. My personal faves are the ones about how many kids I have... :) Feel free to rant anytime you want. Em said it so well--you are excellent at expression in your writing and I'm not the only one that appreciates it!

The Schoonies said...

I love the way you are able to rant. You are able to write things down and make them sound so good and funny. And I hate the dumb, random things people say, but I am sure I probably guilty of saying some dumb, random things as well:)