January 22, 2010

Randy's First Blog Post: Milestones

Because Randy's too embarrassed to start his own blog (he says blogging is "gay"), he wrote up an entry and then e-mailed it to me to post on my blog :) Here it goes:


I’m a guest blogger today, I suppose. Something happened the other day, and after much….ahem, “encouragement” from Sarah, I decided to write it down.

Henry is at an age that involves a lot of milestones. First day at school; first book read (first real interest in reading); first crush (scary); and of course, there’s what occurred on Sunday:

Henry approached me and asked me to play “Guns” (cops and robbers) with him.

Me: Okay.

Henry: Okay daddy, you chase me.

Me: Why?

Henry: I killed somebody.

Me: Who?

Henry: Yer mom.

Yes, the all-important first “yer mom” joke is a pivotal point in every child’s life, and we couldn’t be more proud of our little boy.

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MaryBeth said...

Ok, first off, his name's NOT Sarah. Second, Sarah, no more trips for Henry to Robinson reunions. Hick.