February 8, 2010


I've never really been sympathetic when it comes to not making it to the bathroom in time-- especially when you've been doing it for over 3 years. Seriously, how hard is it to recognize the fact that you have to pee, stop what you're doing and walk to the stupid toilet?!

After Henry's most recent accident, after getting really mad, I sat him down and explained that when his bladder feels full he needs to get up and go pee. Henry looked at me kind of confused and asked, "What's a bladder?"

I told him it was like a little ball inside of him that filled up with pee and that he needed to go potty to let the pee out before it got too full. Henry put his hands down the front of his pants and asked, "Like these balls?"

I guess my choice of words to describe what a bladder is could have been better. And just for the record, I'm not a big fan of that term in that context... unless it's in Spanish-- "pelotas"-- which is what we use in our family. (Oh, and "testicles" is gross, too.)


Josh, Sandy, Jaclyn, and Kinsey said...

Haha! Boys and their "stuff"!

MaryBeth said...

Oh. My. Gosh. HILARIOUS! I hate the word moist...and penetration. Blech.