June 30, 2010

Maren is being Maren...

Maren is doing her thing. Right after I posted last night, things got a little hairy. I still don't understand my daughter's heart condition so I can't say exactly what was going on, but I know it involved very low blood pressure and a room full of doctors with concerned looks on their faces. It really was scary. The events following Maren's Norwood began to replay in my mind. After a few tense moments, a pace maker and a steady stream of nitric oxide flowing through her breathing tube, Maren was stable and continued to have a good night.

Their are no plans to take her off the vent just yet. Her blood pressure is still all over the place. She's getting lots of extra fluid, but she's not peeing so great. She's doing well on relatively small amounts of pain meds, which is good. Her oxygen perfusion is generally good, but has had some ups and downs. Her chest tubes were draining a ton last night but have been more moderate today.

There is concern that her fenestration is too small. There has been some talk about possibly having to go to the cath lab to have the fenestration opened up a little more, but so far we're holding steady with meds and fluids.

Overall we're doing okay. Things could be better, but most definitely could be worse. Thank you everyone for your prayers and constant concern. If you're not all prayed-out, please pray that Maren will pee, that her blood pressure will stabilize, and that the doctors and nurses will know how to help her.


Kim said...

We will definitely pray for her.

Josh, Sandy, Jaclyn, and Kinsey said...

Maren sure knows how to keep everyone on their toes! Praying that her body re-adjusts quickly to the new circulation and she remains stable and comfortable. You guys have been in my thoughts constantly. Again, if you need anything just let us know!

Debbie said...

There must be a special hotline to Heaven with all the prayers for little angel Maren. Thanks for letting us know specifically what we can pray for. I'm praying for you, Randy and Henry, too.

Sending cyberhugs and good thoughts!

David said...

Prayer list:

Pee, Blood Pressure, Doctors and Nurses. Check, Check and Check.

Jerianne Robinson said...

You guys are amazing parents! Rusty and I have been constantly thinking about you and keeping your family in our prayers.