July 2, 2010

Good Night

You know that episode of The Office when Oscar is trying to explain to Michael what a surplus is? Michael doesn't understand at first so he asks Oscar to explain it to him like he was a 5-yr-old. Oscar then compares their office surplus to a lemonade stand. If anyone can find that clip on the Internet somewhere, pass it along. FUNNY.

Mary found it. CLICK HERE

Anyway, that's how I feel about Maren's heart. The doctors can't dumb it down enough for me to understand, but this I do understand: "She had a great night."

When I walked into Maren's room this morning, that is just what I heard. She didn't need any extra fluid over night. She's like -500 on her ins and outs (she's peeing lots), her blood pressure and heart rate have been real stable, she's coming down on her dopamine, her vent is turned down as far as it can go, and she's moving around a lot more.

Thanking God and keeping fingers crossed that she keeps on this path!


MaryBeth said...


Here's the link...


Maren Hansen said...

I ADORE that episode--right up there with the Fire Drill. I have to tell you that we have had some seriously sacred moments praying for Maren. I've rarely felt so much power from the Lord. I can say with certainty that Maren is surrounded by angels. xoxoxoxo. Love the pics. Make sure you get some rest, and send Henry over whenever.

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Toni said...

Sarah, I know how you must be feeling. You could probably pass med school and know more about hospitals and medicine than you ever wanted to. I can testify to you that God does answer prayers as I'm sure you're aware. Please give our love to Randy and Henry. We will keep Maren in our prayers. Stay strong and please let me know if there is anything I can do. Love you