July 23, 2010


Maren's home. We actually came home on Wednesday. I apologize for not posting right away. I've had a slew of emotions running through me and I'm just not sure how to put them into words. Here's a shot:

When Maren was first diagnosed, before she was even born back in New Mexico, I pleaded with God to let her stay with us-- even if it were for just a little while. I knew she belonged to Him and that if she was taken, we'd be together for eternity, but I wanted her now. I wanted Henry to know his little sister now. I begged for her to come and stay and then prayed for the faith necessary to cope if that could not be.

I would bet that the parents of children with life threatening health problems offer similar prayers. I don't know why some kids live and others die. I don't know why some sick kids heal quickly and others take what seems like an eternity to get better and come home. I don't know why some kids heal completely, and others are faced with life-long challenges.

This I do know: I know that God lives and that He hears and answers every prayer. God has a plan. Because of this we may not always receive the answer we hope for, but we will be given what is in our eternal best interest.

I am happy and humbled that Maren is home. I thank God every time I look at her; every time she throws her head back and laughs when Henry pretends to fall in an attempt to get that very reaction; every time she sits on the counter and "helps" to prepare a meal; every time she rounds her mouth and says, "oh" to let me know she wants to watch a show.

I pray that we can keep her home. She had a follow-up at Children's on Friday. The great news is that her albumin levels actually increased a little, which makes the PLE issue seem like more of a non-issue. We're still waiting for one of the tests to come back. We go back in a week. If her albumin remains normal and the test is negative, we can pretty much assume that her protein issue was a fluke as hoped.

Less-than-great news is that her lungs are still wet, although she's getting large doses of Lasix 3x/day. We added a second diuretic to her drug regiment and we hope that the combination will keep her collection of fluid at bay.

Thank you everyone for your prayers. I really don't know how we could do this, especially the worst of it (which has passed... hopefully) without you.


Josh, Sandy, Jaclyn, and Kinsey said...

So glad you guys are home! Thank you for the reminder of being thankful and counting every blessing. We'll be praying for great results for your follow-up appointment in a week.

A. Schoonie said...

Sarah you are amazing! I remember when you would bare your testimony and you would always bring the spirit into our sacrament meetings. I loved hearing you and always learned so much from you. The same is true now. Your words and strength are incredible. Life is a complicated puzzle and very challenging to understand why things happen the way they do?? I hope that Maren continues to improve and pray that you will all have the strength you need.
Lots of Love - Ash

CSC said...

I've never been so happy to "not see you." Was a little worried, but then I figured as long as I didn't see your name pop up on a room, then all is well. So glad about the albumin levels, yay for Maren.
I am very inspired by your outlook and your grace. You give all of us heart moms a little bit of peace :)

Alison said...

I'm so glad to hear it's going well for Maren and for all of you.

Maren Hansen said...

I'm so glad to read this & know I'm not the only one praying like that. Maybe I'm guilty of a little bargaining, but I just felt like begging for "just a little more time". Like you, I don't understand why this same prayer from so many parents the world-over is answered in so many different ways. And also like you, I have faith that God is listening and making things work out in the best possible way. But for at least this time, that prayer was answered the way we wanted and I'm so very glad. Thanks for bringing Miss Maren to the Pioneer Day event. I got teared up just watching her shake the butter and smile. (Which reminds me, I need to send some pics.) XOXOXOXO Maren....