August 10, 2010

Henry Stories

I've got to write these down before I forget...

1. While Maren was in the hospital, Henry was picked up by his Aunt Ronda to hang out with his other aunt and cousins down in North Carolina. (Thanks again, guys. That was awesome!) Here's an e-mail I got from Ranie with two Henry stories:

We were in the car & my kids were talking about how they really want a pet, etc (the same conversation we have every single day).
Henry: When we move to Michigan, I'm getting a dog.
Me: Awesome! What kind?
Henry: A canine.
Me: Oh....what color?
Henry: Labrador.

2. The next day Gracie was crying because the boys were running outside & she couldn't keep up.
Gracie: I hate running!
Henry: Why do you hate running?
Gracie: Because I fall when I run.
Henry: Well, I have control of my body.

Here are a few from us...

3. Randy and I took the kids to the pool on Saturday. Henry was longingly looking over at the diving board and asked, "Can I do that?" I laughed and jokingly said, "If you can swim from one end of the pool to the other without putting your feet on the bottom, you can jump off the diving board." I'll be darned, he did it! (By the way, he's never had a swimming lesson his his life.)

Two minutes later Henry was standing on the end of the diving board looking down into the pool. He looked over at me and Randy and just shook his head no. After he came down I asked if he wanted me to go first. That gave him the confidence he needed. We both went this time-- first me, showing my awesome body to the world, then Henry in all his glory. One, two, three, four bounces and then in he went. It took him about 45 seconds to doggy paddle over to the ladder. Even still, I was proud of him... even if it was just jumping off a diving board.

4. Tonight I asked Henry if he wanted to play with Brynne, one of his friends, one more time before we left for Michigan. He casually said, "Oh, sure. She sure is going to miss me when I'm gone." Nice, Henry.

5. A few weeks ago my mom was reading a post my sister-in-law had made on her facebook account. When her youngest learned how to float on his back in the pool, he showed his mom and said, "Look Mom! I'm floating like a piece of trash!"

I was telling Randy about one night while he was bathing Maren and Henry was brushing his teeth. Randy, Maren and I all laughed but Henry didn't seem amused. After he was done brushing his teeth, Henry walked by me and under his breath grumbled, "I can float like a piece of trash." I guess he failed to see the humor in it.


Josh, Sandy, Jaclyn, and Kinsey said...

I always love a good Henry story! Thanks for sharing! :)

Alison said...

It is thrilling when a kid learns how to swim.... especially when it happens for zero dollars! I am so happy that Maren is doing well and that Henry managed to have a good summer with all of the medical stuff going on.

*~Petra~* said...

What a character! That is awesome that he went off the board. I remember belly flopping my first time off the high dive... not good memories... lol.

Maren Hansen said...

But you know it's totally true. Brynn is very sad. We have to get those two together before you go. You guys wanna come swimming at our pool next week sometime? We have guest passes burning holes in our pockets and the season is almost over!! Or if there's no time for that, we'd love to have Henry over while you're packing. Speaking of which, what kind of help do you need???????? Call me, I've got to soak up some Sarah while I still can!!!