September 13, 2010

The Apple Patch

We met up with our good friends, the Hansens, today at Plymouth Orchards. They were out here visiting from Maryland (which is where they moved to 3 years ago from Michigan.) It was all kinds of fun!

I think Henry asked when we were going to be at the "Apple Patch" about 50 times during our 30 minute car ride. I corrected him after the 10th time he called the apple orchard an apple patch, but Henry, convinced he is a billion times smarter than me, continued to call it an apple patch. It never got old, either.

While on the interstate en route to said apple orchard, Henry yelled out, "Is that a giraffe?!" To which I sarcastically replied, "Yes, Henry. There is a giraffe on the interstate." Henry, so sure of what he saw said, "No seriously-- I saw the spots and everything! It was a dead giraffe!" Ten bucks says he has nightmares about giraffes tonight.

While we're on the topic of stupid/funny things Henry said, here's another: The other night while I was helping Maren get into her pajamas, I look up at Henry who was sitting on his bed. He had his shirt pulled up, tucked under his chin and he was using two hands to pull his belly chub up so he could get a good look into his belly button and said frustratingly (is that even a word?), "How do so little things fit into so little spots?!" Henry recently discovered belly button lint.

The other day Henry asked if I had color on my TV when I was a kid. Seriously, how old does he think I am?!

I have moles on my neck. They've been there forever, but they have progressively gotten bigger over the last several years-- but not huge. Think Nerds candy-size. When Henry was little, he used to pick at them and call them bugs. Clearly they still gross him out because after watching a commercial for Compound W the other day, Henry says, "Mom, maybe you could get that for the things on your neck." Yeah, they may be kind of gross, but their not warts, damn it!

Okay, last one-- He said this one night right before sitting down for dinner: "I'm hungry like a turkey!" Wuh?

ANYWHO... Here's my favorite picture from today:
That's pretty much the look everyone gets from Maren, unless you have gummy bears, donuts, or Dinty Moore Beef Stew...

... or you're Ash.

Come on-- like you don't go cross-eyed when you're pretending to drive a tractor.

Henry's beloved Brynn. He will count the minutes 'till they meet again.

Thanks, Hansens, for an awesome morning!


Josh, Sandy, Jaclyn, and Kinsey said...

Love the pictures! Looks like you guys had a great time!

Maren Hansen said...

It was SO fun to see you guys. We miss you greatly. I will email you pronto the pics of Henry & Brynn hugging. She's been missing him. Hope everyone is transitioning well. Let us know when you are next in town!!