September 4, 2010

We made it!

Maren's fine. Both her eegs came back normal. She doesn't appear to have any seizure disorder... just the ability to self induce them. My daughter's awesome! She was discharged on Tuesday-- a couple of days after she was admitted. That left two days to finish up all the packing and other preparations. Randy flew in on Thursday, he picked up the truck, we loaded it-- well, really it was mostly Randy and Bill. Loading trucks is "Man's work," according to Bill. Works for me-- and then drove off Friday morning.

It was a sad goodbye. Before we took off we had a prayer. I can't remember who said it-- probably Randy-- but as soon as he said, "Heavenly Father," I was in tears. At the end, we gave hugs and said our goodbyes. Henry was fighting tears so Grandma and Grandpa wouldn't see. As soon as we shut the door to the van and turned the ignition Henry sobbed, "Why do we have to go, Mom? I don't want to go!" It broke my heart!

I think Bill was probably Henry's best friend. The two of them couldn't even sit next to each other at church without getting in trouble! All Bill would have to do is look at Henry and Henry would say, "You want a piece of me?" and the shenanigans would begin. Good thing we're not too far. They're moving to Utah pretty soon, though. Maybe one day I'll convince them to come to Michigan. (HAH!)

Okay, so the trip was great. Randy drove the truck and I drove the van with the kids and Fudge. (Yes that thing came with us. I tried to give it to Camryn when she was out here, but when the offer was extended, Henry cried.) We did it in two days just because we didn't want to push Maren. I'm glad we did. The kids were so good.

We like Saline. It's a lot smaller than I expected. It has a small town feel but with all the good stuff you'd find in a bigger suburb. It's nice.

Okay, so I'm boring myself. Here a couple of stories that I wanted to write down before I forget:

1. During breakfast at the hotel there was this guy sitting next to us with his daughter. She was about three years old. I put a bagel on Maren's plate and she acted like it was Christmas morning. (Have I mentioned she likes to eat?) The guy made a comment about her reaction and we started talking... well, he started talking. He went on and on about how his kid was a super genius. She knew her full name, she could play games on a computer, she spoke in full sentences, her daycare was going to bump her up to preschool... totally annoying but I let him go on... and on... and on. Just when he seemed to be slowing down his wife showed up and he said, "Isn't that right, Honey? Suzie (or whatever her names was) can..." and then he proceeded to go down the same list again.

I was so tempted to cut him off and start bragging about Maren-- how she, too was a super genius and then prompt her to say, "guh," which means "go" or "key" which means "binky," or "ne-ne" which means "Henry." Either that or take off Maren's shirt and start talking about all of her surgeries and how she's defied death a bunch of times. That probably would have shut him up. Thankfully after I could take no more, Maren spilled her apple juice. The one-way conversation dropped and we could eat our continental breakfast in peace.

2. The other day the kids and I were driving somewhere. Maren was in the back eating her goldfish. She kept saying, "eee! eee!" I was tuning her out, concentrating on driving and then all of sudden she yells, "Eee Mommy!" I turned around and she was handing my a goldfish. She wanted me to eat the cracker. I about crapped my pants! She has put signs together, but NEVER words. Of course she hasn't done it since, but I'm sure it's only a matter of time!

3. The other day we were at Meijer's. It a like a super Walmart, but the food section is fancier. There was a University of Michigan game going on that day and the stadium must have been up the road because probably every other person was in their Michigan garb. Anyway, I pointed it out to Henry and the idea of there being a big football game was kind of exciting to him, but not really a big, big deal... until I told him the mascot for U of M is a wolverine. He about crapped his pants then said, "The Redskins suck. My new favorite teams is the Wolverines." So there, Redskins.

Just as a side note, there was more than one tailgate party going on in the Meijer's parking lot... at 10:30 in the morning. Ah goody!


Josh, Sandy, Jaclyn, and Kinsey said...

So glad you guys made it to your new home and have settled in!!! Great stories, thanks for sharing! Can't wait to hear about more adventures in Michigan!!!

MaryBeth said...

Remember that when you buy a house I need my own room. I don't want to sleep on the couch unless I absolutely have to.

A. Schoonie said...

oh man i hate good-byes! glad your drive was safe and that you are all doing well. maren is a trooper! so, are you in michigan for good or just for a bit??

Christina said...

I will miss you, Sarah! I love reading your posts! You are so funny!