October 26, 2010

Hooray for Tiny Miracles!

For the past couple of weeks we've been working with Maren, tyring to get her acclimated to her new preschool. The first week I went with her and we stayed for about 40 minutes or so. The second week I took her, stayed with her for a few minutes and then left. Each day she made it progressively longer (maybe an hour and a half max) and then I would come in and "rescue" her. She cried the entire time.

Because staying with her didn't seem to help matters, today we decided to dump her off at the door. About 20 minutes after leaving her, one of the teachers came to get me (I was making copies for Henry's teacher in another room.) Maren had thrown up. I don't know what was more embarrassing... the massive pile of barf that was partly on the carpet and partly on the unfortunate teacher who was with Maren when she blew, or the fact that the barf contained hot dogs. (Few things say "Mother of the Year" louder than feeding your kid hot dogs for breakfast.)

Once it was determined that Maren throwing up when upset is normal, (remember when she was in the hospital post op and she'd shove her chubby little finger down her throat whenever a nurse walked in? What a turd.) I left again and Maren was toted off to the library to join the rest of her class.

I'll be darned-- I wasn't called back the rest of the morning. Several people stopped in to tell me how well Maren was doing-- smiling, laughing, playing with the other kids! She even went with the physical therapist to the PT room for a little session. Seriously, if she made it through the day w/o passing out or having a seizure I would have been in awe, but this was UNBELIEVABLE! Maren definitely gets extra credit for this one. Like I said, hooray for tiny miracles!

Unrelated, but funny... while doing busy work at the school today, I came across one of Henry's assignments. He had written, "For Halloween I am going to be a sglltin." (skeleton.) It made me giggle and I showed another mom. It reminded her of something she read the other day, written by a Kindergarten teacher:

A little girl was reading an ABC book and called out while pointing to a picture, "Look! I freakin' elephant!" The teacher was a little disturbed by her language and walked over to the girl to see what she was pointing at. When the teacher got there, the girl pointed to the picture again and repeated, "A freakin' elephant!" It was a picture of an elephant labeled, "African Elephant." (Get it? A-freak-in, A-fri-can?) Oh, kids make me laugh... sometimes.


Josh, Sandy, Jaclyn, and Kinsey said...

Sarah, you always make me smile! And hey, hotdogs for breakfast are just fine!!! Whatever works! :)

So glad Maren did well in school today! Miracle indeed!

Kristen said...

Way to go Maren!!!

Vicky said...

Glad your adjustment to a new place is going okay. I wish we could have gotten back from vacation before you moved. Jesse said the other day that his best friend is Henry.

A. Schoonie said...

Moments like those make you feel so good. No worries on the hot dogs we had pizza the other day...whatever works I say!!

Mom said...

Sure do miss you! Hurray for Maren. Maybe you should give her hotdogs every moving for breakfast.

MaryBeth said...

What, no Dinty Moore stew? Now THAT makes you a slacker mom.