January 8, 2011

A Diaper That Doesn't SUCK, Please!

Babies'R Us USED to have the best diapers. Those things could hold some pee! When Henry was 2, a bunch of us Dillinghams drove down to Moab from Salt Lake. When we pulled into the campsite I went to pull Henry out of his car seat and realized I hadn't changed his diaper all day. It had been at least 6 or 7 hours and Henry would drink water like it was his job. His diaper was bigger than his head, but his seat AND his clothes were dry. Yes, that was 5 years ago and I still get excited thinking about it. Is that Sad? Maybe.

Maren's been wearing them and we've been happy. She'd have the occasional accident after a dose of Lasix, but overall life was good... until stupid Babies 'R Us had to go and mess with a good thing. I picked up a new box of diapers the other day and to my horror, they were different. I could tell they were pieces of crap just by looking them, but I game them a shot, and another, and another. Yup, it's official-- they suck.

This is how bad they suck:

Yeah, every friggin' morning. So I gave Target a try:

They're better than being naked, but still not impressed. Now we're using Huggies Little Movers. Sigh. Will it ever end?!


hdknowles said...

Sarah, I'm I friend of your mom's, Denise Wilkin's mother and play Farmville with MaryBeth. There's a website I use: www.hometownfavorites.com - I don't know if they carry diapers, but for food stuff, if you have a product you like and it isn't sold in your area anymore, go to this website and see if they carry it. I've found lots of food items that aren't being carried in our area anymore and voila - this website has them. Maybe you could find the diapers you like through them. Another thought is to contact Babies R Us and see if they carry the "old" diapers someplace else in the country - just a thought.

Vicky said...

If you have a Costco nearby and already have a membership, you might give their house brand diapers a try (Kirkland). We use them almost exclusively and I rarely have any problems. Here they are $40 a box, but you get between 150-200 diapers, depending on the size of the diapers. They also carry Huggies brand night-time pull-ups if you're planning on potty training soon and don't want that many diapers.


Kristen said...

Sarah, We use Pampers Cruisers and have NEVER had a leak, and let me tell you, Ryan can pee A LOT! But, I don't know if some diapers are better for boys than they are for girls...who knows!! Good luck!!

Leighann said...

found you through another blogger. target worked for my first who has the bladder of an elephant but not for my second at night.... i had to use huggies night-time diapers. they are more absorbent i guess. hope you find one that works for you!! oh, and with my first, we drove along pacific hwy 1 all day one time when she was 18 months and i did the same thing... forgot to change her diaper until the end of the day. out of sight out of mind. :)