April 10, 2011


How come nobody told me wrestling is a white trash sport? We took Henry to his first tournament yesterday and I swear, for a minute I thought we might be at a Kid Rock concert. Ay, caramba!

The whole thing was crazy. There were about a bazillion people there with kids aged 5-14 waiting for their turn to wrestle. Henry wrestled twice over the course of four hours. It was double elimination. He was pinned pretty quick during his first round (or whatever it's called.) I was pretty worried after that one. The second kid Henry was assigned to wrestle left early so Henry was able to advance to the next bracket w/o doing anything. His last time up, Henry did really well. He got 2 take downs, scoring 4 points and got out of being pinned like 3 times. The other kid won, scoring more points, but for it being Henry's first tournament I thought he did great! His coaches, Randy and I were praising him like crazy-- so much that Henry thought he had won. I burst his little bubble in the car on the way home, but he was still excited about it.

There are a few more tournaments left in the season. We'll try to hit at least one more before it's done. Well, I should say Randy and Henry will try to hit at least one more. As well as Maren did, nobody is looking forward to dragging her along again anytime soon.

As crappy as these pictures are, I'm going to post them because they're they only ones I got thanks to my awesome photography skills and the fact that I couldn't take my eyes off Maren for fear that she'd jump off the ledge on which we sat.

This is Henry waiting for his turn to get on the mat. (One day I'll learn how to use the ISO settings on my camera.)

These are Henry's legs (black shoes/white stripes)... seconds before his opponent flips him over and pins him. Good times.


Maren Hansen said...

ha, ha, Kid Rock!! hey, are you guys coming for Spring Break sometime?

Josh, Sandy, Jaclyn, and Kinsey said...

Way to go Henry!!!

Holly said...

Congrats to Henry! And of course no one told you wrestling is a white-trash sport. If they'd put that in the brochure, you never would've signed up!