February 5, 2014

My Boob Tummy

There have been two circumstances in my life that I have been okay with my weight gain.  First, pregnancy.  If my body is going to get that deformed, hells yeah I'm gonna indulge a little.  Second, weaning myself off of antidepressants.  Woot!  So that's the good news-- I'm off my meds.  (Although I have quite the supply stashed as I am pretty sure they will come in handy at some point later in my life.)  The bad news-- I've packed on an easy 20 pounds.  Yikes!

My biggest concern gaining that much that quickly was that people would think I was pregnant.  I dreaded the day someone would ask, "When are you due?!" or say, "I didn't know you were expecting!" There are a million ways to phrase it, but if you're not preggers, they all translate to, "Wow. You are a tub of lard."

Thankfully that day never came... not yet anyway.  Instead, I got this:

After months of not going, I finally went to Women's Basketball at the church on Wednesday night.  It was awesome.  I always have so much fun when I go.  I can't walk for like three days afterwards, but still a ton of fun.  Anyway, not too far into our game, Jolene and I (playing on opposite teams) jumped up to grab the same rebound.  I ended up with the ball and she took a quick swipe at it before making her way back down to the other end of the court.  She missed the ball, grabbing me instead.  By now she was a few paces ahead of me and called back, "Sorry! Was that your boob?" To which I replied, "No, that was my gut."

So there you are-- I'm chubby enough that a handful of my gut feels like a booby. Good times. Worse than being mistaken as pregnant? I haven't decided yet.


MaryBeth said...

Bwahahaha! That's hilarious!

Someone came up to me at church when I was like eight months pregnant and said, "What?! You're pregnant? I had no idea!" I just went home and cried to Rick, not being able to believe that I just always looked eight months pregnant :)

Josh, Sandy, Jaclyn, Kinsey, and Caleb said...

Sarah, you always make me laugh! I've mostly accepted my body won't look the same after three kids but when I take a shower with the girls and they say "why do your boobs and belly look like that" it makes me cringe just a little. Such honesty....thanks Jaclyn and Kinsey.

Holly Smith said...

You crack me up! So stop making me -- and all your other admirers -- wait so long between posts!! :0)

Melissa said...

Loved it when you told us about this in the car the other night.... yes, still hilarious reading it again. P.S. You look awesome, and not at all pregnant.

Matt Christopherson said...

Sarah, reading your posts and seeing Maren's "buttocks" in that picture of AJ just made me miss the crap out of you. We need to live next door to each other.
I also have a boob tummy. I always have, but it grew to epic proportions when I was pregnant with Anni. I went from maybe a B cup boob gut to a Pamela Anderson. Seriously. I call it my man-gut because now I am shaped like an elderly man: my gut looks like I drink beer by the gallons, but my butt is kind of flat, so my pants always want to fall down.

Matt Christopherson said...

It's me Aramie, by the way.