August 27, 2008

Desparate For Sugar

Okay, so I don't keep treats in the house. If we have treats, I eat them-- all of them-- in one sitting. Nothing stops me once I begin-- stomach aches, tooth aches... no. I eat through the pain. I'm even so bad that I won't keep certain ingredients in my house like butter, or powdered sugar. If I have butter and sugar I can make something edible to satisfy my sweet tooth.

Today I was having a sweet binge attack. I had lunch and then really felt the need for something sweet. I ate a peanut butter chocolate chip granola bar and that didn't cut it. I moved on to chips and peach mango salsa. Nope. Finally I got desperate. I started moving stuff around in my cupboards, hoping I would find something good to eat I had long forgotten about. Feeling hopelessly rejected I opened one last cupboard-- the tiny one above the refrigerator that can hardly be called a cupboard-- and there it was! Randy's stash of powdered sugar! Hallelujah!(Occasionally I will find things around the house that Randy has hidden for himself. My last find was a couple months after Easter. I tore up those jelly beans and didn't even feel bad about it.)

There wasn't much left in the 1 pound bag of sugar, but it was something to work with. With a little bit of low fat margarine, a dollop of peanut butter and a teaspoon of cocoa added to it, I was sitting back and enjoying a delectable treat. Okay, it was kind of gross, but it did the trick. I was sufficiently ill and I no longer had a craving for something sweet.


MaryBeth said...

You need to give yourself least it wasn't the brownie batter from a few weeks ago :)

summer said...

that is sick... and something i would totally do