October 11, 2008

Henry Quotes

This entry will be updated periodically...

Henry's first experience with diarrhea: "Oh no! I threw up in my underwear!"

After making applesauce at school: "Mom, could you tell the teacher not to put apples in the applesauce next time?"

Eating Superfresh brand applesauce after school:
Henry: "Mom, you make the best applesauce."
Me: "I didn't make it, sweetie. I bought it at the store."
Henry, 30 seconds later: "Mom you make the best applesauce."
Me:"Thanks, Henry."

Excerpt from conversation with Randy: "Dad, have you heard the word, poopoocacadamnit?"

Putting air in the tires...
Me talking to Henry: "One of our tires is low. Do you want to help me put air in the tire?
Henry: (very concerned-- almost crying) Why do you want to put Aren in the tire?!


MaryBeth said...

I hate apples in my applesauce too, and for the record, poopoocacadamnit is one of my most favorite words but I prefer butthole.

The Schoonies said...

Hope Henry is feeling better and that Maren did not get sick. Love the Henry quotes. I LOVE what kids say!