October 26, 2008


I just found an old SD card of mine that I lost about 10 months ago. Apparently it has been sitting in Mom's computer the whole time. Oops. I grabbed it and used it at the park today to take a few pictures of the kids. I just got Henry and Maren to bed and sat down to look back at the pictures I took. There were several pictures of Maren from her last couple of weeks in the hospital after her Norwood operation and then a few pictures of her right after she was dischared. I realize that all kids change a lot during their first year, but this is different. I sat and stared at those pictures from almost a year ago and then the ones from today. It's amazing. Seriously, thank you to everyone at the hospital that told me my baby was cute. I never remember thinking my baby looked like an alien while I was with her in the hospital. All things are relative, I guess.

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