October 26, 2008

Mother of the Year II

So the other day I was getting tired of Maren getting hungry and not knowing what to feed her. I decided the best thing to do was to make up a few things ahead of time that I know she will eat so they can be ready when she's hungry. (I know-- I'm an idiot. It took me this long to come up with this brilliant idea.) So, I sat down and made a list of stuff she eats. It's kind of embarrassing...
Beans and Rice
Canned green beans
Bean burritos
Chocolate Chip Bran Muffins (not sure she'll eat it, but I want to try)
Mac and Cheese (she usually sucks off the cheese and then spits the pasta out)
Canned Chili
Egg Rolls
Cheese Curls
And that is Maren's diet. How nasty is that?! In my defense, I swear Henry ate an assortment of fruits and vegetables when he was a baby. Maren seriosly gags if I try to make her eat a fruit or vegetable other than the 2 listed. She's worse than Randy!


Irene and Steve Moyer said...

Maya loves her cake and ice cream! Is that bad?!

The Schoonies said...

Eating good foods is such a challenge and can be expensive. I was just telling Trent tonight that Luc and Jack eat way too much sugar! Glad I am not alone in that challenge!!

Erin said...

Wait until you get to your third child! I let Rylan taste hummus when he was six months old and he ate his first french fry when he was eight months old. He's not a year old yet, but he's tasted ice cream, chocolate, and cake. I have a feeling he's going to be my child that grows up to be a fat grown-up.

*~Petra~* said...

Honestly, that is much better than my kids were eating at that age. I am pretty sure they lived on chicken nuggets and pringles for the first few years of their lives. :)

And BTW... I love your new background. Very cute!

Emma said...

do you remember on Mr. Mom when that baby was scooting around with the can of chili and hiccuping; the tv repair lady was like, "are you crazy? you can't feed a baby chili!"

MaryBeth said...

Aren had ho-hos for breakfast this morning washed down with a glass of milk so he could be healthy.