October 13, 2008

Sex Ed 101

Randy would kill me if he knew I posted this. Serves him right for never looking at my blog!
A week or so ago I was bathing Maren in the kitchen sink with Henry's "help." The following is a paraphrased conversation between Henry and me.

Henry: Mom, will Maren have a penis when she gets bigger?
Me: No. Maren's a girl. She has a vagina. Girls have vaginas. Boys have penises.
Henry just looks at me like he's tyring to figure out if I'm serious or messing with him.
Me: You've seen me. Do I have a penis?
Henry: No.
Me: Does Dad have a penis?
Light bulb goes on over Henry's head
Henry: Oh yeah! Dad's got a BIG penis!


MaryBeth said...


VooDoo Child and Little Wing said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who just lays it all out there! I love your blog. It's so funny.

The Schoonies said...

that is hilarious!