November 13, 2008

Another Fart Story

I'm really not that obsessed with flatulence, but this is funny.

A couple of weeks ago, when Randy was out of town, Henry ended up coming to my bed in the middle of the night. He had had a nightmare and wanted to sleep with me. Whatever. He climbed into bed with me, but forgot his blanket. Too scared to walk the 30 feet back to his own bed to get his stupid blanket, I ended up going to get it. As I returned to my bedroom, embarrassing as it is, I farted. Henry nervously asked, "What was that?" I asked, "What was what?" Henry imitated the disconcerting noise he had just heard. Impressively it sounded almost exactly like my passing gas. More impressive is the fact that Henry made me laugh at 2 am.

1 comment:

Maren Hansen said...

I personally think farts are hilarious and will end up belly-laughing about them... It's a sad fact of life--must have been the deprived lifestyle I was raised in. Making up for all the years that I did NOT go to scout camp, etc... ;)