November 24, 2008

Hysterical Pneumonia?

Maren's been kind of a crabby pants for the past few days. It's not like there weren't reasons for her crabbiness. She's had a cold-- really nothing more than a stuffy nose and an occasional cough, but it's been going on for a couple of weeks. She's also pushing through some serious molars. Oh, and then there was the stomach thing that went through everyone in our house. So yeah, she's been pretty cranky, but who wouldn't be with a stuffy nose they couldn't blow, teeth ripping through their gums and diarrhea? But that nagging knot-in-my-stomach-feeling that always comes before Maren gets sick trumped every doubt and I took her in.

She's got pneumonia. Dreamy. It's not bad pneumonia, but it's pneumonia. She's home and on antibiotics. I'm sure she'll be fine.

After Maren's x-ray showed the pneumonia I sat waiting for the doctor while talking with Heather, one of the social workers at the hospital. She said, "Maybe Maren's got hysterical pneumonia." I had just finished telling Heather how Randy seriously thought my first pregnancy (Henry) was an hysterical pregnancy. True story.

Anyway, we are actually very grateful that she's home and that it's "just" pneumonia and not her heart or another one of those pesky effusions!

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*~Petra~* said...

I am so sorry she is sick. :( Hope she gets well soon.