January 8, 2009

Trying Not to Laugh...

Every night we pretty much have the same routine. Randy walks in the door from work at about 5:30, we sit down and eat dinner and then afterwards it's bath time for the kiddos. Randy drew the short straw tonight which meant that he had to bathe the kids while I cleaned up the kitchen and got Maren's meds ready.

Most nights bath time is not too bad. Henry is generally a spaz and unfortunately nudity and water amplify his spastic tendencies. Because of this, overseeing bath time can be kind of fun or really, really annoying-- depending on your mood. Apparently Randy leaned a little to the "bad mood" side of the scale tonight.

I'm in the kitchen cleaning up, which is connected to the bathroom. I'm not really paying attention to their conversation, but after a few minutes of good bath time fun, I can tell that Randy's patience is wearing thin. The frustration builds to a point where it kind of explodes. I tuned into the conversation in time to hear Randy slowly say in a low and deliberate tone, "Henry, wash - the - soap - out - of - your - damn - hair!" Henry mimicked Randy's tone and said, "I - have - to - wash - my - DAMN - ARMPITS!"

Just a little history-- Randy's favorite word in the English language is "damn." He'll put it in front of anything to accentuate his frustration-- even if it doesn't make sense:
"Damn liberals!"
"I damn hate DC drivers!"
"What the damn hell was that damn idiot thinking?! Damn it!"
"Damn, damn, damn!"

Anyway, I never heard a reply from Randy. Not wanting Henry's language to go unchecked, I headed into the bathroom only to find Randy ducking beside the tub, practically kissing the ground with his hands over his face to "hide" his uncontrollable laughter. Maren looks at me totally confused and then leans her little body over to try and peer over the edge of the tub at her crazy dad, balled up and shaking on the floor. I took a deep breath and tried as hard as I could to correct Henry without laughing... I failed.


Mandi said...

ROTFL. I'm so glad I'm not the only person who adores the word damn. But what about hell? It's so useful. I think definitely my favorite was "damn liberals". Surely am thinking that all the time. I knew I liked you guys! lol.

Also, you're taking photography classes? What do you think? I've totally considered doing that I just don't know how I'd pull it off. . . is it worth it?

MaryBeth said...

Damn and hell are baby words...totally fine and acceptable. Way to go Randy. Teach your children well.

Sandy said...

Oh, I TOTALLY agree with Randy's observation of the damn drivers in DC!!!

*~Petra~* said...

I agree with MB. If they are in the Bible they are totally acceptable. :)

Tammy said...

I loved those days, where they didn't have to get in trouble for bad words! Enjoy it, soon enough THEY will be making sure YOU get in trouble for bad words! (no more, "this place looks like hell!" , I actually got yelled at for saying "that sucks!"...What?!?!? who taught my kid that 'sucks' is a bad word?!?! damn sunday school..)

BTW, I got my copy of Bear Essentials yesterday...cute pictures, and very neat article!

The Schoonies said...

I LOVE your stories! And I have to say that I have been using the word damn a little too much lately (it is such an easy word to use) and Luc has decided that she really likes it as well... telling jack to shut the damn doors...etc....etc!!
Also, I saw that Mandy asked you about photography classes...are you taking one and what kind specifically. We are trying to find one to take.