March 9, 2009

A Little Too Early, Perhaps

For FHE tonight I grabbed one of the retro flannel board stories from our c1960's set that my Mom gave me a few years ago. The first thing I pulled out was the story of Abraham and Isaac. If you haven't already told this story to your 5-year-old-- don't. Poor Henry had tears in his eyes by the end. I wouldn't be surprised if the boy has nightmares tonight. Hopefully I haven't shaken his little testimony too much! Oopsie!


Mandi said...

LOL it's funny you mention that 'cause we just go through the pictures set and every time Jeff comes across the picture of Abraham and Isaac, he's all "yeah, not ready for this one yet."

MaryBeth said...

Ah, poor lil' guy. That is a really bad story for a kid.

Sandy said...

Oh, that's a tough one! Poor Henry!