June 16, 2009

Henry's Crush

Okay, so you know that Taylor Swift song where she's singing about some guy named Drew and how she's in love with him but he's in love with someone else? Well here it is if you don't know but care to know:

Anyway, we're driving to Ikea yesterday and that song comes on the radio. Henry starts asking a million questions about the song: Mommy, is she singing about a boy?
Is she in love? Is that her boyfriend?

Sigh. I'm already annoyed that the song is about stupid teenagers thinking they are in love and now I have to try to explain that this girl thinks she's in love with this boy but this boy doesn't have a clue and thinks he's in love with someone else. If I could use punctuation marks to draw a face rolling its eyes I would. And by the way-- why is Taylor wasting her time with this "Drew" guy? From the video he looks like a total tool. So I take the easy way out and tell him, yes--it's her boyfriend.

Henry was quiet for a minute and then says, "I kinda have a girlfriend." I knew exactly who he was talking about. Henry had a total crush on a girl from preschool last year. Gianna's really cute-- blond hair, blue eyes, petite, always wearing a dress but always getting dirty with the boys. It was obvious enough that Henry's teachers and parents of other kids would make comments to me about it throughout the year. Randy and I would receive our "Gianna update" every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Since school got out I haven't heard much about her, but she's obviously still present in Henry's mind.

It's kind of cute, but is that weird? Don't get me wrong-- I'm thrilled that Henry likes girls. I just didn't think he'd be so into one girl and that we'd be having conversations like this until a little later. He's a funny kid. Can't wait for the teenage years!


Erin aka Conscious Shopper said...

I know what you mean! Cole announced to me a couple weeks ago that he was going to marry a certain girl from his Primary class. We were getting ready to move to a new house at the time and would be in a new ward, and after the move, he came up to me looking very downhearted and said, "Momma, I don't think I'm going to be able to marry Ashley anymore. What if she meets someone else?!"

Sandy said...

Awwww, Henry "in like"...won't say in love! :) We aren't close to this stage yet but I remember my brother having a crush in kindergarten. A girl just like you described who would play Ghostbusters with him during play time. I would imagine it's something that changes frequently. Next year he'll probably think girls are gross and silly. Good luck!

MaryBeth said...

Just make sure Gianna doesn't see the nekkid picture from the other day...poor lil' guy will be ruined!