June 22, 2009

Lots of Sugar + PMS + Teaching Henry How to Read = Angry

On Saturday I went to an Enrichment Meeting where I was asked to talk a little about preparing a menu for your family and saving money. I mentioned that I had like 50 boxes of Cheerios and corn flakes in my house because they were on sale at Safeway a while back for a buck each. I think as a joke, a woman who attended the meeting handed me a couple of recipes typed out on a piece of paper. One recipe consisted of corn flakes, sugar, corn syrup, and peanut butter. Little did she know, treats are no laughing matter in my house.

Uh, yeah I walked my butt to the store this morning, kids in tow, to purchase the corn syrup I was lacking. (I got the "light" because it has 33% less calories.) When we got home I went to work in the kitchen. Big surprise-- fat, sugar and more sugar is delicious. I ate a lot.

After finally putting Maren to bed I had Henry sit down to work on his reading. He can tell you what sounds the different letters make, but it seems like he's miles away from grasping the concept of how putting the different sounds together make words. I guess overall he does a pretty good job on the days when he wants to sit down and read. Today was not one of those days.

When we get to the third page of the book, which reads: "Mac had a bag and a dog," Henry was done. Here is a sampling of the first 20 attempts to read this particular sentence while staring at the ceiling:

Mat has a dog.
The dog's in the bag.
Mat has a dog bag.
The dog and Mac the dog in bag.
(And then my personal favorite and where the reading exercise had to end because I was mad enough that I wanted to, at very least, cuss at Henry--) Filbert has a dog in a bag.

I asked Henry to repeat what he said, and yeah-- it was Filbert. Never mind the fact that there is no "F" anywhere in that sentence or even in the entire book, where did that name come from? What a weirdo!

Moral of the story-- don't read with your kid while PMS-ing after eating too much sugar. Ugh.


Emma said...

if you're looking for more treat recipes, let me know. I have some yummy recipes for making brownies down-right sinful. they are delicious

MaryBeth said...

It's ok Sarah...go eat come more corn syrup.

Sandy said...

Too funny! What's going to happen when you crash from the sugar rush? :) Oh, and Henry sounds a lot like some of my high school students. I would look at their papers and how they could have even been present in the same room with me and come up with the stuff they came up with. It's nice to know they pull the same stuff with their parents! :) Enjoy the rest of your day!


The Schoonies said...

I am just grateful that there is sugar in moments like these!! I definitely need a little treat after homework time somedays at our house!!:)

*~Petra~* said...

Sarah, you always make me laugh. I can hear your voice as I read your posts... thanks :)