December 20, 2009

Holy Freakin' Snow!

So I think we got like between 16 and 20-some inches around here. Good times.

This is looking out from our balcony sometime on Saturday. You can kind of see the train down there. They were still going at that point:

Cabin fever forces the kids to spend a little quality time in the hallway. (You're welcome, those who share the 11th floor with us!)

Today we broke out of the house to hang out with Mom and Bill. Here's what their place looked like:

SLEDDING. I always forget how much fun sledding is!

Tomorrow we'll scope out some hills near us. Montgomery County Schools have already announced that they'll be closed as well as the Federal Government. Yee Haw!


MaryBeth said...

Oh how I miss sledding on Shaw Avenue.

Emma said...

That looks like so much fun! We've had snow here but always during the week when we're too busy with work to play in it. We should be getting some more right before Christmas so hopefully Josh can get some good use out of his hand-me down snowpants.

The Schoonies said...

Total winter wonderland! It is beautiful. Although not so fun to get around in. Hope you enjoy(ed) your snow day!