December 24, 2009

Thank you, Jesus!

(This picture as nothing to do with the post other than it was taken around Christams time 2 years ago. But, it's hysterical. Henry and his cousin, Camryn)

So Henry and I are driving home from my mom's house tonight and he is talking non-stop about Santa Claus. I don't have a huge problem with it (we do stockings, threaten our children that the big guy won't bring them presents if they don't stop doing whatever annoying thing they are doing, take pictures on his lap, etc.) but it's a little bothersome to me that Santa Claus kinda trumps Jesus around Christmas time.

So, after a 10 minute conversation about how Santa gets into people's houses, how he avoids getting caught by the police (thank you whatever Santa Claus movie we watched for free the other day on Comcast On Demand with Tim Allen), and how Santa Clause lives at the North Pole with his wife and the polar bears, I asked Henry, "Why do we celebrate Christmas?"

He aswered correctly when he said, "Because it's Jesus' birthday."

I dug a little deaper-- "Why is Jesus so important? What has he given us?"

Here's Henry's reply: "Love, the gospel, the church, prostitutes, families..."

"Wait, what? What does he give us?" (I wanted to make sure I heard him correctly."

"Love, the gospel, the church, protitutes..."

Yup-- that's what I heard! I was kind of going for all the things he said, eternal life, repentance, a good example-- pretty much anything other than prostitutes. It took me a minute but I'm pretty sure his tired little mind was mixing the words "prophets" and "scriptures" into one, very incorrect and inappropriate answer. We've got to work on that before Church on Sunday.


MaryBeth said...

Prostitutes seem to be a running theme in our family. Didn't Emma want to be one when she grew up?

Emma said...

Sure enough! Good story.

Maren Hansen said...

Oh, the best! Here's another--I asked him on Weds where he was going to have Christmas, and he said, oh, at some peoples' house. Am I incorrect in assuming you guys were going down to stay w/family? Or maybe it was just some peoples' house...

Josh, Sandy, Jaclyn, and Kinsey said...

Too funny! Love it!

*~Petra~* said...

Ha Henry. You are so cute! :)