July 10, 2010

Heart and Kidney Unit

Maren graduated to the HKU yesterday. Hooray! Now the trick is staying here. Her sodium levels are "critically" low. She's been prescribed sodium supplements that taste like ca-rap. She's supposed to get them 4x/day and they are 15ml each. Yeah, right. I gave her a little bit of one and she gagged immediately. Thankfully she began eating a little again today so we're praying that between the pretzel rods, sesame sticks and pedialyte she'll avoid the CICU.

She also continues to be very scared and out of sorts. "ICU Phychosis" has come up in conversation a few times with doctors and nurses. I looked it up on the internet last night and Maren fits the description. It's very sad and very scary to see her the way she is, but even in the just the past 24 hours, since she moved to a much less stimulating environment, we've seen improvement.

Her heart is still great. Her oxygen stays in the mid 90's. The only other time I've seen her so pink was right after she was born! Randy and I are so very grateful for that.

Our prayers now are that Maren will be able to eat the foods that will give her body the nutrition it needs-- specifically sodium. We are also praying that she will feel the comfort of the Holy Ghost and others who love her so that she will not be so scared.

Thank you, everyone!


A. Schoonie said...

You and Randy are amazing examples. Your strength through off all these ups and downs is incredible. I know we only read a very tiny piece of what you are going through, but I really admire your attitude. Maren is a lucky girl to have incredible parents like you and Randy. Hang in there. We will keep praying for all of you.
Lots of Love - Ash

Josh, Sandy, Jaclyn, and Kinsey said...

We will be praying that she receives all the sodium she needs in her food as well. So sorry she's having such a hard time with the hospital environment. Is there anything they can do for ICU Phychosis? Our thoughts and prayers are always with you guys!

jen said...

sorry to hear she is having a tough go but happy she's graduated, now to move on to home :) That sodium is hard, I think we had to mix it with karo or kool aid crystals to even make an attempt. What about playing some soft classical music in the background to take the hospital edge off - as a teacher I went to a seminar about "the Mozart effect" and would play it when we needed a break. Sending prayers to Maren and you guys, I bet its really tough on everyone.