July 8, 2010

And we're down...

If you're gonna be "down" in the CICU, this is the way to do it. Maren's heart stuff has remained stable-- awesome, really-- but now we're struggling with dehydration. She was doing pretty well with keeping fluids down the other day (not so much with food) but it all went down hill after giving her pain meds. Oxycodone is not Maren's friend. Although it knocked her out and helped her feel better in regards to being sore after heart surgery, it made her barf up everything little bit of anything we could get into her. Her a-line, and central line were pulled earlier this week because of risk of clots and infection, and sadly all of her peripheral IVs have pooped out on us. Even sadder (is that a word?), she has not one vein left to give up for an IV. EVERYTHING is gone. Poor thing. We are trying are best to keep her hydrated. So far so good this morning. She had a sippy cup of water, a juice box and an entire popsicle. Besides the occasional brain freeze from eating the popsicle, we haven't had any issues.

I think worse than the dehydration (which I'm pretty sure will turn around) is Maren's fear of anyone who comes in the room. Fear doesn't even really do it justice-- sheer terror is probably a better choice of words. Somewhere between having one of her chest tubes yanked from her body and countless failed attempts to place an IV, Maren reached her breaking point. All of those things were necessary, but really too bad :( Poor thing. Hopefully she's young enough to forget it all in time.

I will take all of this over unstable heart issues ANY DAY, but still your prayers for our little girl are still very much appreciated :)

Please pray for Maren's little friend Caelen. He was doing well enough to get bumped from the CICU today, but had a pretty rough night. He's got another pleural effusion building. Please pray for that strong little guy that his doctors will know how to take care of him and that fluid will find come off his lungs.

Thanks for reading.


Josh, Sandy, Jaclyn, and Kinsey said...

Been thinking about you guys non-stop! So glad that Maren's heart is doing well. Too bad about the dehydration. We'll be praying that she can keep down all her liquids without having to attempt another IV. The complete fear of strangers is heartbreaking to watch. Jaclyn did the same thing. Be prepared for nightmares when she comes home too. Being in the hospital is hard. Give that precious girl a hug and kiss from us!

jen said...

glad to hear Maren is making some progress and that her heart is stable - yeah!! The dehydration stinks :( Are you guys familiar with Rita's Water Ice? There is one on Rhode Island Ave, not too far from the hospital, it is the best! I can sympathize about the stranger fear, Sean was not a big fan of the blood draw man, I think his name was Albert or anyone else for that matter. I was not fond of the chest PT guy who came at 11:30 pm one night, come on. When we moved to the floor, I brought in a lamp (and turned off the awful flourescent overhead)and anything else I could to make it a little more normal and conducive to rest (not likely in a hospital!!) I also put a sign up when he was sleeping so people would come back and he could get some rest and get back to a regular schedule, day and night. I really hope that the dehydration comes under control soon and Maren continues her progress so she can get home soon. I will continue to send my prayers for her, you guys and her little friend Caelen.
PS - we just got back from Great Wolf Lodge, it was a blast but to show you that the heart things are never far from my mind - they have a family ride and I thought, great, should be fun. we got in and proceeded to go down a fairly big drop and pick up speed, I thought, holy cow what did I just do - Sean was fine, my heart was another story.

*~Petra~* said...

Still praying for you guys and appreciating the updates. I especially loved the smile post... little things like that help get you through the day I'm sure. Love ya! ♥