July 6, 2010

She smiled at me!

One week after surgery and we got our first smile. I came in this morning and peered through the closed glass door of her room. I was pleasantly surprised to see that she was awake. I smiled and waved to her through the glass like a big idiot. Her eyes lit up and I walked in. I told told her how pretty she was and she smiled at me. It melts my heart.

Maren continues to do well. The plan is to take out one of her chest tubes today because nothing has come out of it for 24 hours. They will also take out her arterial line. Once those are gone, we'll be able to hold her :) Needless to say I am completely floored!

We're a little concerned that she hasn't pooped yet. So that would be a week w/o doing a #2. (Can you imagine?) She's drinking quite a bit, but throwing a lot of that up, too. I brought in some Italian Ice and she liked that a lot. We're supposed to give her ANYTHING to avoid the feeding tube, so it's time to bring out the big guns-- pepperoni, hotdogs, hamburgers, dinty moore. Hopefully she'll want to start eating soon.

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Josh, Sandy, Jaclyn, and Kinsey said...

Yay!!! Smiling is always a good sign! :)