June 7, 2011

Mr. Edwards/Jesus

Sunday afternoons, when Maren and Randy are taking their naps, Henry and I usually sit down and watch a movie together. This week we sat down to watch a Little House on the Prairie DVD. I think there were like four episodes and Henry sat their with his eyes glued to the TV for each and every one.

Maren woke up about half way through the third episode. It's the one where Mr. Edwards and Charles meet up with a black guy and some racist white guy to do some kind of job involving blowing up stuff and pulling a wagon load of crap through, well, the prairie. (I know this is obvious to all the die-hard Little House fans out there, but for the normal people, don't worry. Charles reformed the racist before the episode ended.)

So just before Maren walked in, a couple of thieving no-gooders snuck up on the group as they stopped to take a break at a watering hole. Guns cocked, the bad guys told Charles and the rest they were going to take all their stuff. Mr. Edwards had a plan, though. He walked up to the wagon, grabbed a bottle of what he said was some kind of explosive and started shaking it all around, acting like he was crazy in the head, so as to scare the bad guys off. In walks Maren. She got a big smile on her face and called out, "Jesus loves you!" So there you are: Mr. Edwards looks a lot like the Savior in Maren's mind. I don't know. It's kind of a stretch if you ask me.

Because I know you're wondering, the bad guys bought Mr. Edwards "crazy" act and took off fast without anything. As for the explosives, it was really moon shine. Oh, that Mr. Edwards!


Josh, Sandy, Jaclyn, and Kinsey said...

I ♥ Little House on the Prairie!!! Yay for Mr. Edwards! :)

Jerianne Robinson said...

Haha I totally know what episode you are talking about! I love Little House on the Prairie. Rusty makes fun of me because I will still watch it even though I have seen all the episodes a million times.

Holly said...

I always loved Mr. Edwards!! And it goes without saying that I wanted to be Laura when I was growing up (my sister and I even tried making the maple-syrup candy from "Little House in the Big Woods." Somehow, it just didn't work with microwaved Log Cabin).