March 27, 2009

"Total Savings Value 65%"

Safeway is having their "Mix and Match" sale this week. You buy any 10 items in the store included in this offer and you automatically get an extra $5 off of those 10 items that are already on sale. I'm on a food storage kick so I was pretty excited. Here's what I got:

5-6 packs of Mott's applesauce cups
5 Hunts pudding snack packs-- "I thought I was your Snack Pack!" (guess that quote)
10 things of Hunts spaghetti sauce
5 things of Crystal Light mix
10 cans of refried beans
5 big jugs of water
2 boxes of cake mix
5 packs of lunch meat
1 carton of eggs
1 pack of string cheese
2 gallons of milk
3 Red Baron flat bread things (yummmmmm)
5-1 pound things of bacon
5 bags of croutons, and...
3 bags of salad

Grand total... $164.93. With coupons and my mix and match deals I paid $58.52!
Petra, if you're reading this, where my props at?


*~Petra~* said...

Right here baby! Woo Hoo... you did awesome. I love to see people get on the money saving bandwagon. :) (And especially when they are so dang excited about it.) GOOD JOB!!!!!! :)

The Schoonies said...

Nice! I think it is the best feeling when you go to the store and you feel like you actually purchased things without breaking the bank!

Higleys said...

That's why I love bogos I feel like I got a deal and if I have a coupon or 2 I really scored. Way to go Sarah:)